Call on the Timbao group for all types of events or entertainment (Festivals, carnivals, races, city festivals, private parties…) in Paris and its region, in the provinces, as well as abroad!

Timbao stage

It is with time and in the spirit of the Salvador Banda Show that the idea of setting up a team dedicated to the stage was born within Timbao.

The main idea of this project is to propose an original scenic creation more accomplished and enriched than the one proposed in the street and based entirely on a repertoire of compositions.

Singing, and in places other melodic instruments, mingle with the elaborate choreography of the drums and thus bring a new colour and additional musical intensity.

This show with variable geometry (from 8 to 15 musicians) is in perpetual evolution and allows today to propose a show of about an hour.

It is more suited to theatres and festivals that want to offer an explosive, sensual and wild show for both eyes and ears.

Timbao street

Timbao’s striking force is his street band with a variable geometry ranging from 8 to 50 musicians.

Built on a repertoire of original compositions whose main theme remains reggae samba, Timbao oscillates between Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Caribbean rhythms and offers a percussive show where choreography plays an equally important role as music.

This alliance between music and dance is one of the Timbao group’s trademarks.

On the roads of France and Europe since 2002 Timbao attaches just as much importance to conveying to the public the pleasure that each of the musicians takes in playing and dancing.

It is probably for these reasons that many sponsors have remained loyal to us over the years.